Today in the Times... The Community Model

An article in today's NYT highlighted the Community Model of education currently embraced by some schools in Cincinnati, Ohio. The model, based on the idea of the local school as a "community learning center" where all people from the community can come to learn about finances, health or other issues, is a stark contrast to the national model that revolves around standardized testing. The model is in place at 34 of the city's 55 public schools.

While the model has invigorated teachers and brought a host of new volunteers to city schools, the NYT reports that  student academic performance is still low compared to the state average, as measured by standardized testing. Nevertheless, the scores it is achieving are a marked improvement from past years.

It is refreshing to learn that there is a model for elementary education that takes into account students physical and emotional needs. It's too bad others are still judging it by its test scores.