Unrelated Rant: the NRA and the commodification of communication

Someone in North Carolina doesn't know their email address. They think they do, but they mistype it and end up signing me up for all sorts of things. I know they are doing this unintentionally because I receive receipts from their online purchases (dresses for the grandkids), their tee times, updates from their yoga studio. I am able to escape most other emails by unsubscribing immediately from whatever she signs me up for, with one exception: the NRA.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to unsubscribe from the NRA. The reason is, the moment that you subscribe to their listserv, they put you on fifty list servs. Even if you unsubscribe from their Special Action Alerts ("Dear Patriot..."), and the latest updates from their newsletter, they will find another way. I have unsubscribed from at least six NRA listservs recently, and today I got another email.

The fine print read: "If you no longer want to receive future Special Edition Book offers" please click here. They are so blatant about it! They do not even allow you to unsubscribe from the NRA! I can't even unsubscribe from their book offers! I can only unsubscribe from their "special edition" book offers. It is never ending!